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Phones and driving

Just out of curiosity, how is anyone going to know if you are dialing a phone number, sending a text message, checking e-mail, or looking at built-in phone GPS systems? How will anyone be able to tell the difference between these? If the Wrightsville Beach bridge is up on a Saturday morning and I want to look at my e-mail what difference does this make? Are we so jaded now that the more our freedoms get taken away the more we think it's for the greater good? How long before you won't be able to have any passengers in your car? or music? or air conditioning? Because these things all pose distractions as well... Seems as if this is another law for our "protection" that will certainly make local and state police departments extra revenue. I hate the inefficiencies of our government but love that I have the freedom to say I hate it. I suppose I am a hypocrite just like everyone else.


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