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You AND the CFPUA are both nuts

If your account uses more water than your neighbor, you should pay more. If I use 30,000 gallons to fill my pool and you use 30,000 gallons to run your household, WE SHOULD PAY THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT FOR THAT WATER. Both accounts used the exact same amount of water. Per capita use per account is inconsequential. Billing is based on water consumption per account - just as it should be. You made the decision to bear children. It's not up to the rest of society to subsidize your reproduction choices by giving you cheaper water. You should pay the same as any other household. Are you also upset that you pay the same electric rate as single people....that a gallon of gasoline costs you the same as a single person pays, even though there are more people in your car? That said, there should be no "tiers" at all. Every account should pay for per gallon billing.


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