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Pay for what you use

So true. I suppose these are the same people who think that if they have four people in their car they should pay less to fill it up with gas, too? If you are going to get a per capita thing, why not take it a step further and get into individual billing. That's right -- then everyone could have their own usage code and would pay. I go the extra effort to conserve water when I can, so I should be rewarded when my bill comes. Otherwise why would I conserve? If I get a bigger discount by using more, then why wouldn't I want to? And I have a rental house. My tenants are responsible for the water, trash & sewer. It's called third party billing. Ultimately, I would be responsible for any non-payment, but my tenants receive a bill, I receive a copy, and I make sure they pay that bill. It's part of the responsibilities of being a landlord.


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