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An article that is years overdue.

Wow, wardriving? Net stumbler? Really? Wardriving has been around for years. This is nothing new and I'm surprised that there is just now an article about it, as if it's a new thing. Something that was not noted here is that many wardrivers will mark areas with an open signal to let others know where to go. Find a weird marking or symbol outside of your residence, made with chalk?? You need to lock down your router immmediately. It's a marker, an indicator to let other Wardrivers know that there is an unlocked router there. If you don't like remembering passwords, then just hide your SSID. That's the identifier that your router sends out when computers are looking for a network. Change it to something that you can easily remember and then specifiy it in the wireless settings for each computer that uses your network. The network becomes invisible to the average wardriver out there who is using a program such as net stumbler. Some people do wardriving for fun. Others do it for far more malicious reasons. Imagine someone connecting to your network to use stolen identities online. All of that information would come back to YOUR network and the person would be extremely difficult to trace.


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