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No, you just have to be able to read

If you pay late, don't gripe about the late fee. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't abide by the terms YOU AGREED TO WHEN YOU APPLIED FOR THE CARD, the bank should be able to charge you whatever they want to. How about a "Late Fee Dart Board?" $100? $50? "Ooh, this is a bad day for you, Mister Smith - Martin is VERY good at darts, and he just hit a bullseye. Your late fee this month is $500. So sorry!" After one billing cycle you should have a thorough knowledge of how your card works. You should know when the cycle ends, when the statement is cut, and when your payment is due. If you can't manage your finances to make the minimum payment by the due date, do yourself a favor and cut up every credit card you have.


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