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Yes, they're hoping for

Yes, they're hoping for higher taxes so that UNCW can WASTE MORE MONEY! I've seen very few cutbacks on the campus lately, just a little 'lip service', and, of course, cutting people's pay. I noticed that the Chancellor's walk brick project is a go, we got a new 'donated' bird in the traffic circle--is that all-inclusive or did UNCW pay for the landscaper's time, plumber's time, etc.Renovations to the Provost's office--where did THAT money come from? Hey, we're putting A/C in Hanover Hall. Everywhere you go renovations or construction are going on. Walk the campus at night & see how many empty buildings are brightly lit from within at mid-night. And still, the Chancellor wants higher taxes for us while she lives like a queen with her house, electricity, gas, water, sewer, telephone and trash service provided. The Vice-Chancellor for Business Affairs has been here for a year and still has out-of-state tags on his Mercedes and lives in state provided housing at little or no cost to him. If the people really knew what goes on....


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