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Raising Taxes Gov Perdue

Gov Perdue's idea to raise taxes on utilities, electricity, is NOT the way to bring in income to the state. We pay enough taxes in North Carolina as it is. Taxes on services is only going to create a burden to businesses that are owned by mom and pop, or work forces fueled by independant contractors, or those who are already working for the new 7.25hr wage. The ONLY solution to keep from eroding away the tax paying end user, is to eliminate all unnecessary expenses the state has, all the way down the board. There is too many "Goverment Funded" events that are not necessary, wasting of tax payer's funds everyday. I see it in the DMV, the Police Departments, and in the Welfare Offices, Even in the way Local Goverments take trips to events funded by tax payer's money. If Governor Perdue, or better yet, any elected offical who serves a goverment seat, no matter what the size is, or where it is in North Caolina, should do it as a service, without receiving compensation of any kind for serving that term. It's a shame that they get more benefits to them than I can receive with five plus years on my job, and raising a full family. Just another reason taxing the working poor just wants us to MOVE across the border and let our funds be spent somewhere else. BlindRabbit


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