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who will save the families of the people that get put out of work because the government has said that people as a hole are not smart and need to be told what to do or not do with our own bodies. I do not smoke never have but i have a problem with the fact that there are so many unemployed people and now your going to take more jobs away because tobacco companies will not be able to pay people to work for them cause your making it harder to sell what they need to pay the people that work for them. Its a sad day in America when we as people can not say what we want to do with our own bodies. I think it was in china that if you where over weight they charged you a "fat" tax until you where the right weight.... does not sound that far away, next they will say that you can not eat fast food cause they cause you to be over weight, say good bye to Roland McDonald and the Berger King 'king' oh and the happy meals cause good lord they only make you unhealthy and unhappy. People wake up.


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