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Joe Stauffer

First of all, who is Joe Stauffer to be calling anyone out? He claims to be in the film industry but to my knowledge, he has only worked on some insignificant independent projects. Even his IMDB page is full of FLUFF. It's one of those situations where, someone who is doing just a little bit more than someone else gets a big ego and starts running their mouth. That dude lied on his resume, and I get what the point of this is. But why try to publicize it? It's not for the reason of "oh, so people can be aware of this person"....because as he claims, he HID THE IDENTITTIES. So if he hid the identities, then it's not really saying "Hey watch out for this specific person". While there might not be a legal leg to stand on, this is the kind of thing that when said about the wrong person, could have someone take the law into their own hands. So I would be really careful about that. Some people are crazy enough to do that. And with someone who is so "involved" with the film community here, then I am assuming he wouldn't be hard to find. Other than that, the video WAS funny.


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