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lejeune pronunciation the Lejeune family agitating to have it pronounced one way or the other? If the family (including the Marine leader, long deceased, after whom the base was named) pronounces the name a particular way, that's a good reason to pronounce it that way. One thing I do know is that the pronunciation with the "r" is closer to the way it would be pronounced in the original French -- "Lejeune" is a name with French roots, much as "Eisenhower" has roots in the German language, or "Giuliani" in Italian. In fact, in good French, the "r" would not actually be voiced; the "-eune" would sound more like the way someone in England would pronounce "earn" ("eahn"). My last name is "Weber," which my family has always pronounced like "ever" but with a "w" in front, and a "b" sound instead of a "v" sound. But MOST people pronounce my name as though it were "weaver," although with the "b" instead of "v," of course. I say that THEY are incorrect, because my family decided to pronounce it the way we do. On the other hand, when it comes to place names (and "Lejeune" is now a place name in Onslow, not only a family name in Louisiana), local custom is hard to argue with. We have "Kerr Avenue" here in town. Local custom leans toward sounding like "car" (like the actress Deborah Kerr) although many people nonetheless do pronounce it to rhyme with "her" (like the 1950s actor John Kerr). My conclusion: in Onslow, pronounce "Lejeune" the way it has been pronounced for years up there; and in Louisiana, within the family circle and the family's social circle, pronounce it however the family desires.


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