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You may be cool with

You may be cool with breathing in more mercury, but I am not. I don't want to raise kids in that environment. There certainly has to be a better place to place a cement plant than on the Cape Fear River. Will you want to eat local seafood several years down the road? I won't if the cement plant and its associated mercury emissions are built. Wilmington has been transitioning from a blue collar town to more diverse town with more white collar jobs. Why take a step back and bring the pollution with it? This isn't about stopping growth it is about protecting the environment. If the state offered the same incentives for a company to build on the same land and the company was in an industry that did not emmitt serious pollutants then you wouldn't be hearing from us. Growth is inevitable in this region. It just needs to be smart growth. Can I do anything about the existing nuclear plant? No, I can not. Can I do something about the Titan Cement plant? Yes, I can. Can you fault me for fighting for what I believe in the best interest for my family? I hope not.


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