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Please stick to surfing

You know zilch about Geology and Economics. Ever heard the adage, "You drill where the oil is?" For a cement plant it can be modified to, "You build where the limestone is." If that happens to be adjacent to the Cape Fear River, guess where it gets built.....? If you understood Economics, especially in regard to the demographics of the Wilmington Metro area, you would know that we need a mix of skill requirements and industries to employ the fully one-third of the residents who do not possess the required education or skills to succeed in a white-collar job. Blue-collar workers need jobs too, but "class elitism" seems to be a hallmark of the StopTitan mob.... ...and you ARE a mob, trying to bully the county and state into ignoring existing law and substituting your arbitrary whims. But that's not how it works in America. If you don't like the law, YOU CHANGE THE LAW. You don't try to ignore the law as it exists. If Titan can satisfy the many state and federal environmental requirements, they should be allowed to build....period.


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