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The Majority Speaks

The Titan issue should be put to the voters and let the voters determine whether Titan can come or not. You have these relatively upscale people whom are either retired or well off trying to prevent employment by claiming environmental concerns. It has already been stated that the company will have to meet all EPA rules and regulations. These people are only concerned about preserving their interest which who has any idea what that is, they do not even know. They have worked and made a living and now want to prevent the generation after them from doing the same. Oh my rich friends do not want a cement plant near, it distracts from our well to do neighborhoods. We do not care if 60 or 70 well paying jobs can be opened in the county. We could care less that the county could use the taxes to improve services, roads, schools, etc.. You minority of people pulling againist Titan should be ashamed of yourself. Your avarice to keep your little part of the pie does not correspond with the need for more jobs with a secure company that has to meet State, Federal and County guidelines. Your rejection of Titan is tantamount to preventing oil exploration in Alaska because a daggone Moose may not like it. Also, Justice and Boseman will be remembered for catering to the minority when the majority wants Titan. So what else is new!


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