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Wake up, Polyanna

You can MINIMIZE pollution and place requirements on manufacturers, but you can NEVER achieve zero pollution with heavy industry. If you want air conditioning and heat, Sutton plant has to burn coal and emit CO2. (At least until the day when there are five thousand off-shore wind turbines and solar cell farms that strtetch for miles.) If you want to drive to the beach a steel mill had to produce the steel (along with tons of CO2) that hundreds of factory workers (who drove to work) assembled into a car, that burns gasoline made at a refinery that produced CO2 and tons of volatile hydrocarbons so that YOU can emit pollutants while you drive to the beach to use the surfboard that released a lot of CFCs during it's manufacture. A bit of a run-on sentence, but you get my drift... The life we enjoy is a direct result of men and women inventing technology that made that life possible. But it comes at a cost. The water isn't as clean, the air isn't as fresh. Something as simple as that cold brew you enjoy after a day at the beach was TRUCKED in by a truck dumping pounds of pollutants along the way. If you can't accept that, you had better plan on moving into a cave and becoming a hunter-gatherer. might also want to look at some of the most recent research on sunspot activity and atmospheric warming before you hitch your wagon to that global-warming star.


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