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Be careful what you wish for...

If you ever lived in California, you know that direct democracy simply doesn't work. There's no shortage of ill-informed or self-serving people who can sway a vote that is based not upon logic, but pure emotion. (Didn't we see that nationally last November?) Proposition 117 stands as a premier example of what happens when idiots are allowed to vote. The proposition outlawed mountain lion hunting in California. The Department of Fish and Game was against it. The entire ranch and farm heavy Northern half of the state was against it. Scientists said that since man was the only predator we had left, we had an obligation to prey upon the cougars through well-managed hunting limits. The proponents simply ran commercials on TV in L.A., San Francisco, and San Diego, commercials showing baby cougars frolicking in their den, cougars on majestic peaks scanning the surrounding countryside, and overweight, half-drunk, cigar smoking hunters posing next to a dead cougar. The poroposition won by a healthy margin, dominated by the urban metropolitan vote - people who never came within tem miles of a mountain lion. Now, they have hundreds of cattle being slaughtered every year. We lose a jogger or mountain-biker in the suburbs of San Diego every now and then. The population is growing because of no predation, and as man expands his suburbs, no one lets their kids out to play after dark. To get back to my round-about point, let everyman vote on the issue, and the producer of the best TV and radio commercials will win, regardless of logic, common sense, or fairness. As worthless as those corrupt megalomaniacs in Raleigh are, they at less dangerous than resorting to uninformed, raw emotion. Incorporate literacy, economic, and civics testing before allowing people to vote and I might reconsider my view.....


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