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Just missing the swastika

The only things missing from this picture are some German Shepherds and Swastika arm bans. When are we as Americans going to stand up for our rights in this country? (in this case it would be our 4th amendment rights, just in case you were wondering) I see the same people over and over writing in these post talking about how we are becoming a socialist country, yet they are very quite when an article like this where it is a blatant travesty of our freedom being portrayed. Or is just when it comes to money that they get upset? Every since the 1990 supreme court decision, 11 states have seen the wrong in it and have not allowed them in their states, because they understand not only how wrong it is, from a constitutional view point, but also, that statistically it doesn't reduce drunk driving related deaths at all. It's main purpose is to raise revenues for the state, the insurance companies and of course defense lawyers. If the state was serious about reducing the amount of bodily harm and deaths caused by drunk drivers, they would revise there sentencing laws for repeat offenders. But wait ... that would also take money out of their (the lawyers in Raleigh making the laws) pockets. I would like for them to require anybody riding a moped on a public street to have a valid driver's licenses, because we all know why they are riding around on a moped.


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