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Ludicrous? I don't think so

Yes, I do plan on driving around this weekend, as I do whenever I want to go somewhere ... that is as long as this government lets me freely travel. You comment was very assuming don't you think. I have in my past had a drink and drove a car, when I was twenty! (it was legal then so you do the math) But in your assuming, you do however accidently raise the point I was making. You say that the police (government) are trying to protect us all, but at what cost, taking away our rights that this country was founded on! You go right ahead thinking that roadblocks without probable cause isn't comparable to Nazi Germany all you want, and you keep right on letting this government take away your rights under the pretense of protecting us from ourselves. And one day when the roadblocks are eveywhere and you hear the phrase "have your papers ready" 4 or 5 times a day, think back to your days when your head was in the sand and you let it happen.


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