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dwi / or traffic stops Just a shake down!

Yes thats correct.I believe in having our roadways safe for us to drive on is important.But the bottom line for all of this is only another tool of states to bring revenue to their system!Check points are a big source of revenue for local and a state agency. This is real and the truth . Look at what the state gets for looking for minor infractions you may have overlooked,IE a crack in your windshield, expired inspection sticker( An inspection is just a way for the state to get money from us its not in the interest of safety Bottom line this the truth. Get real).noisy muffler ,loud pipes,a head light or signal marker light not working.You go to court,Pay a court cost $99.00 and a fine,total up all the people that get tickets for nonsense stuff like this and not to mention your loss of income from work that day. It brings in a whopping income for the state offices.We have friends that work in 2 local court systems and the will attest to this as a source of income for the state. They depend on this and are required to show the monies derived to help pay for state and local programs.I agree that if its a a DWI stop and your ok, you should be allowed to pass.Not question you about where are you going , where have you been,ever had a ticket before.This is getting rediculous and will get out of hand if we the people let it. We just have to stand up and say something and quit being sheep to the system .Yes laws need to be in place to protect us and to help us. Not as a tool to make us feel uncomfortable or make us pay their bills.As or economey is in a tough situation now and a state shortfall on funds they are going to pound the hell out of us as and see more of these stops till we become stable again in our affairs durring this recession.Sure when you read the papers and hear the news they sugar coat it and say it with political correctness as the state and local agenceys place check points out to help fight crime in the community.Its all Bull $#%! .Quit being affraid to speak up and say something and do your research on this subject and see how much the state makes off of these stops.And once again let me make it clear I believe in laws that are relevant to our state and security.I believe that drunk drivers need to be removed off the road bad and careless drivers need to be removed off the road and all of the illegial immigrants that keep getting tickets over and over for the same offence and let back into our community need to be removed from here period!! But target what you are out there for.This is a great state and love it very much but we are slowly getting to the level of becoming a police state.Believe it or not. Do the research on this and take a look at this indept and see for your self.It all starts with us,The patrons of our state.


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