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Big Metro locations get everything...

This is a pattern I've seen in this state across the board.. The big Metros (Raleigh, Charlotte, G-boro, Asheville) get everything, while the coastal towns get hit hard.... UNCW gets the least funding and it's been one of the fastest growing universities in the UNC system, we get overlooked for transportation improvements and traffic mitigation, and now the Insurance Commission of NC has the backs of those in the rest of the state. My whole problem with this isn't the 30% increase while the rest of the state gets such a cut in rates (although that is unreasonable), but rather, the fact of their reasoning...."need for insurance fund balance because of a major natural disaster,"... Just a few questions I've asked the insurance commissioner and haven't been given an answer- 1. Does the central part of the state have ice storms on a yearly basis? 2. Does the western part of the state have snow storms and forest fires on a yearly basis? 3. Do the coastal regions have major hurricanes on a yearly basis? 4. Does the rest of the state vacation on NC beaches? 5. Do the NC beaches have a significant contribution to the entire state's economy as a whole? 6. Who pays the highest insurance rates? 7. Who gets paid the least with respect to cost of living? 8. Why do only coastal counties get such a massive increase in rates when a major hurricane only comes here on avg every 12.6 years, while other regions of the state get severe weather on a yearly basis that also uses plenty of the insurance fund balance, yet get an insurance rate cut? My own personal answers are- 1. YES, 2. YES, 3. NO, 4. YES, 5. YES, 6. COASTAL REGIONS, 7. COASTAL REGIONS, 8. Politics Any other thoughts? NC Insurance Commission is a joke.


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