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These are great questions.....

...that you will likely never get an answer to. Very similar to getting a clarification from the IRS on an issue that may benefit a taxpayer. In addition to your good points, the only "real" disaster that looms over the coast is the proverbial and elusive hurricane. It should also be noted in your inquiries about the severe hurricane damage that has occurred inland, well away from the coastal regions. In recent years, hurricane Hugo demolished Charlotte and proceeded to the mountains to cause severe damage to Linville Gorge and surrounding mountainous areas. Hurricane Fran sped inland, wreaking havoc on Raleigh/Durham and surrounding counties. To this day, those residents say they got the worst end of Fran. Then came hurricane Floyd that sat and dumped unmentionable amounts of rain to induce the worst flooding this state has EVER seen. Countless homes, businesses, automobiles, crops, equipment and livestock lost in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Greenville, Raleigh, Tarrboro. That's a huge span of real estate and it's not coastal! It is absolutely amazing to me how an issue that stinks as bad as this one can simply fly by and get swept under the carpet with barely the blink of an eye. It is clearly evident that the people of this state and this country have lost the power to manage an out-of-hand and out-of-control government. "The power of the people" now exists only as a wet firecracker...nothing more.


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