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So, get proactive

If you take the time to research insurance losses due to snow and ice, then compare them to hurricanes, you reach a quick conclusion: They are a drop in the bucket. Earthquakes.....hurricanes.....floods...... large area wildfire....THAT's where the BIG losses are. I also have to wonder what our cost of living and the fact that tourists visit this area have to do with rates set for insuring personal property. They're totally irrelevant. But what can you do? Sit down with your agent and review your policy. You can save a pretty good chunk of change right off the top by increasing your deductible. If you CAN afford a $2500 deductible, why WOULDN'T you do it....and if you live in a $1.2 million home on Bald Eagle Lane but can't come up with $2500, WHERE are your priorities? Also take a look at how much insurance you have. Many, MANY people are over-insured, and by reducing the coverage the premiums drop rapidly. The important thing for people to realize is that the insurance companies wanted no part of this. Sure, they wanted a state-wide increase, but this "Beach Plan II" insanity was 100% a creation of the state.


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