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As a matter of fact I went to private schools and graduated from Duke, a private college. is the thing that really gets me. In all fairness I was making an extreme and semi-sarcastic remark. I don't mind paying taxes to support education, but what I do mind is people saying this is the most important issue and we should cut out everything else before education is cut. It's a government program like others and is subject to belt-tightening when things get rough. The system is HUGELY flawed with teacher unions that allow horrible teachers to remain in their jobs forever despite low test scores and bad performance. Just like the auto industry, unions have ruined this one as well. In any event, I digress. I don't mind paying taxes and I pay far more than most people do, and i'm happy to do it because that's how our system works and how our government runs. My issue is simply when people who CHOOSE to have children think that their children should come before all else. Many of us choose not to have kids and not to increase the population issues our country and planet face and I think too often we don't get credit for it. Thats all i'm saying. If you want to take me to task on it go for it, but the cold hard fact is that in my experience 90% of people with children look down on those who don't, yet expect everyone to collectively pay for their kids education. Again, i'm happy to do it, but don't look down on me :)


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