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I let Dr Cracker talk me into him giving my wife a complete hysto when she was 33 in 1980 because she had endometriosis.He never mentioned any alternative treatments.He just insisted she had to have the total hysto and he made all the usual promises about how good the hormone therapies were blah blah blah. He put her on heavy primarin for months which gave her severe headaches.Finally she quit them and our whole life turned inside out.He wrecked her life and mine,and we've both paid a heavy price for it ever since. I thought that SOB Quacker had been sued soooo many times,he was out of the bizness.I'd say what I'd like to do to him,but I'm not a revengeful person.I just wish they'd take his license away from him and castrate him so he could feel what it's like.But he's so old now,it wouldn't make any difference. I just hope he reads this post soi he'll know there's one guy out here that would love to slap that silly grin off his face!


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