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thank you for your indepth answer to helpme

Dear Kim, Let me start by saying that I worked as a nurse's assitant in a well known hospital (in the maternity unit), and have a pre-med education. Also, I have undergone abdominal myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids, involving an operation similar to that of a c-section), and I am very familiar with issues of reproductive medicine. At 36, I am single and without children, so keeping my uterine tissue intact for future pregnancies has been of utmost importance. In the past, I volunteered as a rape crisis counselor in our community, and am a survivor of sexual abuse as well. I chronically advocate being proactive about one's own health, and being aware of any and all options, both allopathic and holistic based. My collective experience may shed light on why your story is of particular interest to me. I just finished reading your lengthy response, and was touched by your candour and clearly apparent inner-strength. What you endured during your LEEP was in my opinion, both cruel and inhumane. I would very much like the name of that doctor, so as to be sure that no one, in my dealings, ever has the misfortune of being a victim of their medical care (though I think in this case medical 'cruelty' would be a more appropriate term). There is no excuse for this type of behavior from people who have devoted their lives to becoming medical servants. You were treated unjustly and were uninformed, and for having to endure such medical monstrosity, I am truly saddened. Please feel free to email me at Your story is a commendable one, and will help others make medically informed decisions and understand their basic rights as a human and as a patient. You have an incredible amount of resilience, which I'm sure will be inspiring and immensely helpful for anyone going through a similar situation. Thank you for all of your valuable information. Continue sharing your story always. It seems you were blessed to have the support of such a loving and understanding husband to support you through these unbelievable challenges. What a wonderful gift amidst the sea of struggles you have faced. All the best, Nimisha


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