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total hysterectomy and pain

i dont have the energy to write a long drawn out post about my past issues except to say they involve misscarriages, DnCs,polycystic overian syndrom and now endrametriousus-(sp?) and sever bleeding cramping, migranes and weakness. On the 17th -6 days ago..i had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I was in hospital for 3 days. I am still in soo much pain its unbearable...not as bad as day one but not really any better then day 2 or 3, i dont mean to sound winny but how long does it take to feel better? i have had 2 ce-sections and neber felt this much pain,,,even on 2 Oxycodone pills and im on a 75 mg fyntenol pain patch im still hurting soo bad and just fel as if "something is not right"....any sugesstions? what do/can i expect next? thank you all and god bless


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