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A Couple of Points

If being cancelled for non-payment of premium, the Insurance Company is required to provide both the policyholder and lender (if the vehicle is financed) at least 10 days advance notice of their intent to cancel. That's a state requirement and is written in the policy declarations of any auto policy issued in North Carolina. Knowing that, one must ask: 1. On receipt of the notice, why does the lender not seek to repossess the vehicle which is their right under the terms of the finance agreement? After all, they have a financial interest in the vehicle; and if it is damaged or destroyed in an accident, the lender suffers the loss. 2. If citations are being issued for lack of insurance, why are the officers issuing the citations not pulling the license plate from the vehicle and calling a tow truck to take the vehicle to a storage lot while the vehicle owner deals with his lack of insurance issue. In our litigous society, one can almost imagine an agressive attorney, representing a party injured by or whose vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist. During the course of his investigation, he learns the uninsured driver was cited for lack of insurance. Had the plate been pulled from the vehicle at the time of the citation, the accident likely would not have occurred sparing the injured party or damaged vehicle. It is not beyond the reach of mind, in our society today for an attorney to look at the law officer, who failed to pull the plate from the vehicle or in some manner failed to prevent the uninsured motorist from further driving, and naming him or his department as parties in a lawsuit for damages. And since the driver had no insurance which would have paid for the damages, can you guess whose insurance policy will step up to the plate?


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