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common... perfect name

common... perfect name btw.... I really hope and pray that you never need the services that hospice offers, obviously you are not aware of the purpose of hospice, they would never pay for shoulder surgery nor a bypass surgery, they are simply there to make the last days for someone as comfortable as they can be. In other words, they are there to assist in the death process to make it easier. Obviously you may have good insurance and not need medicare but everyone is not as fortunate as you. *and yes I have a job, great insurance, and do not rely on the system to support me* However, my grandparents were very blessed to have hospice, my grandfather became disabled when he was 22 years old, and had to use a wheelchair, unable to work any longer, w/ 3 small children, my grandmother made ends meet by working 2 shifts a day.... I'm sure you would never understand situations like that where someone can't afford insurance or have medical conditions where most insurance policies consider pre-existing conditions where they can't get anything but medicare, not you obviously... I hope you never have to go without health insurance, and that you never have to rely on medicare as the only source to pay your medical bills.... and as I said earlier I pray that you never need the services that hospice offers, I for one am thankful for their purpose and pray that during these difficult times they will be able to stay afloat.


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