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Not everyone who is getting

Not everyone who is getting these free phones are bad people who are all about what they can get for free...I myself do not have one...i however WAS a CNA and my husband WAS an electrical engineer...the nursing home i worked for caught fire about 2 yrs ago and put me outta work there and i decided to take some time off and be with my kids I WAS ABLE TO DO THAT THE ECONOMY WASNT CRAP THEN!! my husband made more then enough money for us to survive on and august of this year his company approached him and all of there employees and told them that they where out of was short notice and we had no idea it was even comming...we have 2 very small children and both of us are out of work and believe me WE HAVE BOTH BEEN LOOKING AND CALLING AND DRIVEING AROUND hunting places that may be hireing...and NOTHING i took a seasonal job makeing $8 an hour i get between 15-25 hrs a week now add that up...i have a house payment, 2 children 1 that is still in diapers, electric, water, groceries ALL NECESSITIES...i have never been on drugs my husband and i both have college degrees...we have always been good people helping anyone we can when we had the ability...and yes some people do abuse the system and dont TRY but you need to keep in mind when you are going on about all those people who just dont diserve this service think about this....look at my situation..what if it was you...what if all of a sudden you lost your job...and you look around but nothing in your area is even get a seasonal job just to make sure your kids have diapers or water...what would you do? what if it got so bad that you had to just let your phone go cuz it is a luxery..would u not apply for a free phone so that there is a number for an employer to contact you if a job opening comes available...or so you can call your childs doctor to get them seen because they are sick....come on....not everyone is abuseing the system and not everyone is trying to take advantage of FREE phones just cuz everyone has them....there are some good people out there who really need this help perhapse haveing a free phone for a month will allow an employer to contact them for work and who knows ONE LESS PERSON NEEDING FREE SERVICES....and for those who cant find work and are looking and are just down on there luck because of our economy keep them in your prayers and hope that they to will b able to get a job and not have to be on assistance...think about it what if it was you? what would you do?


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