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so sad how people judge

My husband has been a hard worker for yours and 3 weeks ago fell from a 30 foot roof we also lost our home and right around christmas time and we have 2 boys 9 and 4 to take care of and still waiting for work mens comp so now i am receving food stamps and also got a free phone. mt brother is lending us a car and helping me to take my husband back and for to the docs he broke right foot and left knee and can not walk. i use to be to proud to ask for help. but i thank god for the help me and my family is receving now while my husband is in a wheel chair till after the new years we have paid taxes for years and years and only now asking fot help. think befor u judge just try to put your self in someone else shoes just for one day. my husband will be back to work and gladly pay into the taxes to help others who are in our kinda situation. Thanks to all honest hard working tax payng americans like my husband who does not judge. u know i think for the first time i might even have to get some kinda help for a christmas for my kids god bless u all think befor u judge please


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