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I am all for helping out the

I am all for helping out the elderly and disabled. Yes they need certain types of assistance. But did anyone think that maybe free cell phones should be restricted to those who meet a really tight list of qualifications? I receive medicaid for my one kid and wic, but i work full time and try to pay the rest of my bills. I pay for my own cell phone, i pay for the gas in my car and make the payment each month. Do I get handouts? No. I just asked for a little help when my kid came into the world. Now that I am back on my feet and elegible for insurance at my work, my kid can be covered from that and not need medicaid. But then again most don't know when to give up the help they get and get back on their own 2 feet. What ever happened to americans supporting themselves? the homeless don't need free phones...let them use the ones in the shelters.


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