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Why don't YOU pay for the "FREE" phone for YOUR Aunt out of YOUR pocket and not out of mine(the tax payer). She gets what she needs and nobody gets upset. Unless YOU think I should be forced financially to be responsible for all of YOUR Aunts needs ontop of my own family's needs. I am responsible for my families needs and I help out others quite often when I am able too. I enjoy helping people but, I resent my hard earned money(taxes) going to provide "FREE" phones to people who have family that can add another phone to their own plan. As for the homeless there is a reasaon why they are homeless and it is because of the choices(good, bad, or indeferent) that they have made in there own lives. I am responsible for the choices I've made in my life and I should not be bailed out by your tax money. So, they should be responsible for their own lives. There is a difference between a HAND UP and a HAND OUT. "FREE" is not a gift that keeps on giving, "FREE" is something someone has to pay for.


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