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It's Getting Bad

I am really starting to get tired of working to support and provide luxury to those who do not. When someone comes to me and asks for my help, I give them the money in my wallet, the food on my table, the shirt off my back or the work of my limbs to help relieve an honest need, and most people that I associate with do the same. I am not opposed to helping people, but this garbage is ridiculous! Has anyone ever seen the "used phone drops" that are just for this, so that people in need can be given a free, operating phone (without minutes, voicemail, etc) that WILL CALL 911 without being activated. Giving these people free minutes (68/month in Georgia) at taxpayer expense is NOT what we need. (Tracfone charges 19.99 for 60 minutes, so about 20.00 / month is what we are giving these people, PLUS the phone, PLUS the extra services, and that is IF the government isn't paying more than the retail price, which is highly improbable given the track record of the U.S. Government.) Like I said, I don't mind helping, so long as I can do so of my OWN FREE WILL and know that I CAN REFUSE IF AND WHEN I CHOOSE, but I don't appreciate being forced to condone laziness. I really have to wonder why I should continue to try and advance myself. Why should I work to make more money? Why should I contribute to my profession and try to help make things run smoother? What is in it for me? It used to be that the individual that worked and produced was rewarded. Now the individual that produces is penalized, and the individual who does nothing is rewarded. Socialism at it's finest. What say we all quit our jobs, sit at home,talk on our government paid phones, ride the government subsidized bus from our government subsidized housing to the government run library to use the internet, then to our doctor, where medicaid pays for our visit, then to the pharmacy where medicaid buys our Xanax because we can't "deal with the stress of not working", our high blood pressure pills because we have become obese from being inactive, and our Oxycodone because our back is hurt from our obesity, (or our Methadone because we got addicted to heroin or some other narcotic analgesic at some point in our lives) then to the grocery store where WIC buys food for our children (when they are not eating free school meals) and food stamps buy food for the rest of the family, and use whatever actual money we can scrounge up to buy beer, cigarettes, and other items that the government still (gasp) refuses to provide and sit back and smoke, dose and drink ourselves into oblivion while everything around us crumbles into dust, because nobody cares to keep it up anymore? It is coming to that. Two simple words could save this country, should enough people choose to live by them... Pride and Responsibility.


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