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FREE FREE FREE Hurry for your phone.

"Dolores Brown saw a commercial for Safelink a couple weeks ago, and decided to check it out. "It's completely free, you know, and that's wonderful. I just can't imagine anyone doing anything like that for the elderly,” she said." Completely free. Are people so completely delusional that they believe that? "Dolores is 70 years old. She's an actress and singer here in town, but can't get enough work to pay the bills. She relies on food stamps and government-assisted living, and now a free phone." Here's a novel idea, find another line of work besides "actress" and "singer". Or move to California where they may actually have work for you. (California is already broke from the free giveaway programs) "A pre-paid company called Tracfone provides those eligible with 71 free roll-over minutes and the option to buy more." If you can afford more cell phone minutes, that money needs to come back and subsidize someone else's FREE PHONE!!!!!! But wait, that would be taking your money instead of taxpayers money. I can see why that would be a problem. Now you know how we feel. I wish her the best. At 70, there is certainly compassion for her. But at what point do people become responsible for their own future. Do we subsidize someone who wants to be a muleskinner, when there's not a market for it? I guess so.


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