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Has anyone CONSIDDERED????

I am really glad that your aunt got her phone. I am currently unemployed and still paying taxes and am happy that your aunt is benefitting. Has anyone who is complaining about their tax dollars going to help others even considdered that you have been paying SSI and medicare tax since you started working? Have you even realized that those taxes that are supposed to pay to your benefit, actually have paid for your grandparrents and even your parrents to receive services upon reaching retirement. Have you considdered that the taxes that your children are paying probably will not be there for you benefit when you retire??? Having said that, would you stop paying taxes and instead support your parrents or grandparrents upon their retirement, out ofyour own pocket?? If your answer is no, or that you would not be able to afford it, then stop griping for what your taxes and your hard work go toward. With the current economic crisis, some of us are not out of work by choice. Some of us, just like dear "auntie" are in the situation that we are in due to illness, layoff, and yes even some due to fiscal irresponsibility. Will some people who do not really need this service take advantage. Of course they will. Is everyone that has the service taking advantage? Absolutely not!! It used to be, that if someone in a community's house burned down, folks in town would rally around that family and build them a new house without thinking twice about it. Was that socialism??? NO that WAS CALLED COMMUNITY. It was the AMERICAN WAY. Now, instead of rebuilding, we just want to add fuel to the fire. It is truely sad that we as Americans have become so insensitive to the needs of our fellow patriots that currently are in need. If you plant a peach seed, you get a peach tree which in turn gives you peaches. If you sow the seeds of miserliness and judgement, then that is exactly what will come back to you. So the next time that you feel the need to judge someone using their FOOD stamp card in the line in the supermarket. Be thankfuld that your not in the same situation today and veryaware that noe of knows what tomorrow will bring...


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