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Do you have any facts for recent years? Like post 2000? I'm sure they've improved the vaccine if there was something wrong with it. The FDA is there for a reason. My kids and grandkids have had all their vaccinations and have been fine. What these vaccinations protect against are a lot better than the side effects they could (but probably not) experience. There are approximately 2.2 billion children in the world. A very low % actually has any side effect. For the recorded deaths, who's to say that it wasn't the drug per say, but the way the individual's body reacted to the drug. Every person is different. How's a Doctor to know that 1 kid out of the 500 he sees regularly is going to have a major allergic reaction that could result in death by receiving a normal vaccination. My doctor's have always told me to monitor my children closely for 24 hrs after receiving any vaccines. And if anything looks suspicious, call them while headed to the ER. There's always a risk, but the risk is worth not getting these diseases.


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