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I would advise everyone to go read a book called "Public Opinion" by Walter Lippmann--available free on-line if you don't want to spend any money... I would advise everyone to research what they see and hear prior to accepting it as "truth." Similar to what is going on in Honduras... Choice is a freedom we enjoy, and there is no reason to be critical of one whose opinion differs from yours. For all you know, there is a minor link between a vaccine and some medical condition. Even if not, we have to weigh the "public benefit" against the preservation of our rights... Whether the "truth" is what the government always gives you is a completely different matter... See ABC News video here ( Yet... Read here and David Fontana just doesn't get it when he says "So where you come down on Honduras really depends on which view of constitutions you favor. If you favor the dominant American view, you would tend to side with Zelaya. True, the Honduras constitution prohibits amendments related to presidential terms, but this rule flies in the face of the American notion that a constitution should be amendable in just about any direction--and Zelaya was simply exercising his right to try and correct that. If you favor the German view, you would tend to side with the supreme court and the military. After all, the changes Zelaya was seeking to the constitution were foundational and revolutionary. And a constitution should be able to protect against certain kinds of constitutional changes." What matters is what the Honduran Constitution says, not what "we" or "anyone" else wants. If you don't agree, then you have to support the guy who comes to the USA, tries to change our Constitution without following the approved protocol, let him change it even if it flies in the face of the law, and then not complain about the process... If you would support OUR Constitution and its requirements, you should support the Honduras Constitution and its requirements. "Different" is not "wrong." Just my humble opinion...


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