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Honestly there was a time I thought I wouldnt vaccinate my child. I listened to other people about why the mercury will cause autism or the vaccine will kill them. After awhile I forgot those notions and vaccinated my kid. What would have happened if I had not vaccinated my baby and say at 6 mos old they were around another non vaccinated child who was sick from something that I could have had my kid vaccinated for? My kid would most likely have caught the illness and suffered a lot more than from a vaccine. People have a choice yes. But think about all the other kids you are putting at risk if you don't vaccinate. You put your child at a higher risk too. A vaccine does have preservatives in it, yes. But the largest component in a vaccine is weakened cells of the disease. When you get a flu shot what do you think is in there...vitamins? No it is weakened flu cells. A rabies shot...same thing, weakened rabies cells. Reason being is so that your anti-bodies and cells will attack the weak cells of the disease and know how to fight it off if on the off chance you should catch it. A vaccine is not 100% guarantee to say you won't get it, it just helps your body fight better when you come in contact with a disease...kinda like your body's own personal bomb squad. I say vaccinate!


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