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And they wonder why we complain about higher taxes...

Absolutely amazing!!! 18 million dollars to "redesign" a website??? This is exactly why the US citizens complain about paying more taxes!!! Wasteful spending such as this is absurd. The citizens of this country, state and county have NO IDEA how many wasteful efforts such as this exist that draw the money straight out of our pockets. For every wasteful program such as this that is uncovered, there are likely a thousand we can't even find out about. Our government is not accountable for how they spend OUR money. The American prople are like a huge pool of stockholders that never get to see a balance sheet, vote on proxies or witness accountabilitiy as to where our money is really spent. If the US Government were treated as a publicly traded business, it would be no more than a worthless penny stock going nowhere but down. Totally out of control!!! CUT THE FAT AND ELIMINATE NEW AND ELEVATED TAXES TO BAIL THIS COUNTRY OUT. THIS IS GETTING REDICULOUS!


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