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We need to make cuts, but

We need to make cuts, but our nose to spite our face? We're emphasizing riding the Wave buses for public transportation, but taking buses away from the students, which are used to benefit their education? I don't have kids, but it still is pretty troubling. That's not teaching them to utilize public transportation very well, not to mention after practice there will be more kids driving around, using more gas, causing more pollution, and adding to traffic problems because they have to drive half-way across town because they don't have fields to play on near their school in the first place. How bad are things? Not only are they not learning what the City is preaching, but they will be missing out on their education and other offering provided by the school, designed to help these kids become better members of our community. This shouldn't happen. No after school help... not your problem if it is someone else's kid? No sports...not worth your couple of tax dollars that wind up in athletic department? No band or chorus...that's not school anyway? It is the extra-curricular programs that often help build self-esteem and foster knowledge to all seven intelligences, helping kids who might one day find a career in something other than reading or math. And to the notion that kid's should pay for transportation for school choice, there are schools of specialization that were created by the same school board that is now saying... you can't get there, too bad. This really makes no sense... it is a 'lose' situation all around...for the kids and the community in the bigger picture. The things I want to pay taxes on are things that have the best likelihood of making Wilmington a better place to live. This doesn't really do that. I'd rather pay the extra fraction of a percent to help insure that some kid has the best opportunity to make something of him/herself, no matter what their upbringing, financial background, or where they live relative to where the best school is for them; without transportation, you are deflating that chance.


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