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I am confused by the blogger called "Board" who stated that the realtors and not Ms. Riely started this grassroot campaign. This grassroot campaign in question in the TV video was the forming of the Cape Fear Coalition for Concerned Citizens and creating the web page ( with the well informed attachments. This indeed was started by Ms. Riely. Ms, Riely is the Governmental Affairs Director (GAD) for WRAR and has put out such great effort as the spokesperson to help get out the message on behalf of the realtors and this is just another example of her dedication. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and professional representative getting out the message for us. Could this blogger give me the name of those local realtors who he/she said formed this coalition and created the web-page that Ms. Riely spoke of in the video? it appears that this blogger is a realtor and feels that the realtors are not getting any kudos. This is not true. Being a GAD takes on many activities. This is her job and she is doing it extremely well. Nothing was ever done to slit any board member. Her passion should light some fires.


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