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Reply to "You Must Be Joking"

As any expert in insurance law and auto insurance in general knows, and at least someone familiar with either, the Insurance Commissioner approves (that is, sets or orders, usually at a level much lower than what the insurance industry has sought) a maximum insurance rate based on North Carolina claims per territory for the last several years. Many companies then offer discounts or deviations from that maximum rate. The reason that there is $50 Million in auto refunds is because those funds are for those persons whose rates were higher than the pre-2006 rate rollback. Thus, 1+ million policyholders receive refunds, and the other 3 million policyholders were already paying less than the pre-2006 maximum rate. As for the $545 Million in estimated savings over 3 three years, that's because EVERY driver will see a reduction of his or her insurance rates of between $90 and $110 dollar per year. When you multiply the number of policyholders in North Carolina (approximately 4+ million) by the $110, and by the number of years until the next rate filing is required by law and the settlement, and related factors, then the estimated savings come to approximately $545 million. So, SurfCityTom, it doesn't take an actuary, just simple math and occasionally algebra. The $50 Million and the $545 Million are separate and distinct calculations. As for Commissioner Goodwin's re-election, keep in mind that coastal/beach North Carolina comprises 9% of the population and 5% of the homeowners. According to the news reports and what is being said by legislators and news editorials outside of our area here in eastern North Carolina, the vast majority of the State doesn't agree with the coast on the issue and supports the Insurance Commissioner.


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