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Runner, Runner, Runner

So much rhetoric. Had your initial explanation of numbers shown the clarity this post does, no one would have been forced to resort to the use of algebra to understand the flow of numbers you presented. And, if you look at my original post, you will note I said much the same concerning the Commissioner's ability to set or control rates. But you have raised a couple of questions. Your knowledge and fervent support of the Commissioner certainly bespeaks of one who works within the Department of Insurance. So, with all of these public accolades for the Commissioner, and given the time of day which you wrote the post, I must ask if you were on furlough or vacation when you took the time to write this? Or is this considered a portion of your duties? And, while knowing the election is 3 years away, would these public outcries, in support of the Commissioner, be viewed as a Campaign effort by a state employee? I believe tooting the horn, on behalf of an elected official while on the state dole, is against some election statute. I guess we can continue this exchange or let the matter drop. The ball is in your corner. But, you might want to check with the Commissioner first.


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