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It CAN happen to anyone. I have never touched drugs and perhaps have a glass of wine 3x a year. Never even been unemployed more than 30 days in my life...but my husband got laid off of his job a year and a half ago and hasn't worked since (not for lack of trying) and after paying student loans and medical bills little to nothing was ever left over to save. I had to change jobs last summer and missing the paycheck that they put on "hold" hurt so badly we ended up having to live in our car for three months. The police chief says that being homeless isn't illegal, but they sure make you feel like it is! The two of us were scared and alone, neither of us had family or friends in NC at the time, and I was pregnant. We parked in front of Wal-Mart at night for safety and the cops would give us a hard time about it, never mind all the tourist rv's and vans parked there doing the same thing! So code enforcement is dismayed that they will set up someplace else...and where do they think that the homeless should go? "Anywhere but here" is an unhelpful answer. Public assistance is not so easy to obtain, either. Shelters offer help but you have to come in to fill out paperwork in the morning, impossible to do if you work. We went down to try and get at least food stamps and ironically were told that I made too much money to qualify. We met so many other people in the same situation. The "working homeless" are more numerous than anyone realizes. They live in motels, or if they live in cars they have figured out ways to mask it to friends and coworkers like I did. No one ever knew I was homeless, and would be shocked now if I told them. So I too will never say never, I've learned the hard way.


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