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I don't understand this

As Obamacare Health Deform moves forward, I have to ask: Why should we even expect insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions? You can't collect damages on your car if it was wrecked before you signed up for insurance, can you? If you want to truly understand why health insurance is so expensive, look at the amount of state meddling that takes place.. Pregnancy coverage is mandated in many states, even though you may be sterile. Mental health care is mandated in several states, even though you may never need it. Some states even prohibit purchasing health insurance from out-of-state companies, to insure you get the coverage THEY say you need. The best solution to drop health insurance costs would be to allow consumers to shop for the coverage they need or want, and keep the state out of it. If YOU could design your coverage instead of government bureaucrats, your coverage would be far cheaper. You would even find companies willing to insure people with serious pre-existing conditions, as long as treatment was limited to problems not associated with that condition.


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