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Military in the bars,,

I am trying to keep a positive attitude on this matter. My husband plays in three bands and has done so for over twenty years. Which puts us downtown almost every weekend. I frequently go with him. I have seen our proud military men and women in our bars and overall they have been nice. But, there are some out there who are very disrespectful and unruly at times. I feel as though you put yourself in the position to protect our homeland, you should ALWAYS be on your best behavior at all times. Regardless of just being off the boat,the land, or anywhere in which you as a military personnel are concerned. You should conduct yourself as if your commanding officer is watching you at all times. I understand wanting to go out and let off some steam but, getting into fights and being very rude are two different things. As for this three days wait thing, that seems to be outdated. I believe it needs to be dealt with. I have lived here my whole life and this town has grown way to much and has become way to open for the space we have and the businesses we have. I have to behave myself when in a bar they should have to do the same. As for bar owners I can understand them not wanting this to change. Especially when they are the ones who have to clean up the military personnel mess at times. Go Navy, Army, And the Marines,,,,Man up Guys and Gals.....HOORAH!


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