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The military folks should be able to get in....

My experience with downtown Wilmington is that the bars are slam full of unruly, slap-happy, puking drunks anyway. Most are under 30, can't handle the alcohol and want to scrap at the least little thing. Boyfriends, girlfriends, drunk, fighting, crying, passed-out on the sidewalk, throwing up and urinating in any corner they can find. The sad part is most of them are ten feet tall and bullet-proof while under the influence and couldn't fight thier way out of a wet paper bag on a good day. So, let's allow our honorable military men and women access to the same bars. They, at least are stand-up people willing to give their lives to help keep the freedoms this country is founded on. They can't possibly be any more out of hand or destructive than those that already frequent the downtown bars based on what I've witnessed. They may even wind up being an asset to the bar owners because a fight between one of them and a civilian drunk won't last very long!


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