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Wide awake, dude...

I'm wide awake, and this has been the best 7 months I've had since Bush first took office back in 2000. I got my home loan reduced my 300 bucks per month through the HSAP plan..... I got my student loan reduced by 200 bucks per month and will get them all forgiven in 8 years.... and, I know my family and I will have health care even if my wife or I lose our jobs. We are a stable middle class family who works hard everyday to provide for our children, and if you think helping my family and others like us is waste, maybe you should get to know the real issues and see the families who have benefited from these programs. "WASTING" our tax payer dollars, in my opinion, would be programs like welfare that pay people who are lazy and do nothing.... It's not a waste to help those of us who are trying to get by with what we have and work 2 jobs to provide for our children and families.... and yes, I have a BA and MA and it's still tough to find well paying jobs here. I can't blame Obama for continued job losses when Bush did a great job of ruining our country for the past decade.


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