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Let's look at why we are in this mess

I believe it was the wonderful Bill Clinton that decided everyone should be able to get a loan to buy a house. Then all the smart people making 20k a year went out a purchased a 200k house. Then when they fall behind on the payments they want the gov't to pay for it, because the gov't was the one that allow them to get it. I heard a woman on TV crying because she was going to lose her house. The loan had gone up to 3000 a month (yes, I said 3000) and she could no longer afford. They ask her if she was aware that the load would go up and she said yes. She said she thought she would be making more money by that time. Now how bright was that? Should the tax payers help her out? I don’t think so.. One more thought.. Why do you think the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are all behind the health care bill? It is because if everyone has health care they continue to receive the dollars they get for their services and they will not give anything away. If you don’t think there is money to be made by sales drugs just look on most street corner. You will see drug stores everywhere. I think the gov’t need to spend more time on bring down the cost of health care and then everyone will be able to afford the insurance.


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