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Almost the same distance as the crow flies... The headline should change... We want our kids to go to somewhere that is not only more convenient, but we don't want our white upper class children to go to a historically black school!" Ironically.. If the truth be known in our wonderful city.... Across Dawson Street they are most likely saying "Thank goodness! We didn't want a bunch of stuck up white snobby kids that refuse to socialize with our children because we are black and the world owes us something over here!" Truth..... Grow up people.. The argument is the same on both sides and both sides dismissing their true thoughts for excuses relates to racism on both sides of the fence. Grow up.. I am so sick of the race card being thrown.. Isn't that correct Professor Gates.. Racist of the week... Next week.. The parents of Echo Farm Kids take the trophy from Gates.. YOU ARE ALL WRONG. No one owes anyone anything, no one's kids are better than anyone else's and all you are doing is teaching your children improper values, teaching them on one side how to more deeply hate a race, falsely teaching them on the other that your race is superior... I am so sick of it.. grow up and get over it.... The chance for little white johnny to go to a historic school should be looked at as an educational opportunity to learn diversity in a fine school. Opposite.. Little taekwon going to a white school with more money when maybe not by his choice, he didn't have access to a more economically diverse raising, gets to have a better opportunity for an improved education in a different learning environment. And by mixing you all together.... The colors blend and there is no color.. There are innocent children learning and playing together.. Like it should be.. Learning how to live in a society without color.. without hate…So both sides.. get over the color of your friggin skin.. I'm sick of it.. and so is almost everyone else with any common sense! (Don't worry.. your politically sensitive election coming up school board will still side with you.. Votes are always more important than doing what is right and responsible..._)


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