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Why? Why?

Why should the county and the media take up the issue of the middle schools when the recent redistricting of the elementary schools has so many more parents like myself up in arms?? My child is going to be in second grade and in her short life, she already has to switch schools! She is now moved from an adequate (I didn't say great) school that has at least met it's AYP goals to a school that has NOT met it's AYP goals!! The educational system in NC leaves a lot to be desired and we could certainly take a hint from other states and start treating our teachers to the salary that they deserve in hopes of having quality education here. I've tried twice now since the decision was made to redistrict my area to appeal the decision to send my daughter to a crappy school and twice have been turned down. Please understand...I'm not worried about the kids there or how much farther it is from my house but I am worried that she will get less of an education that she deserves. I have a wonderful school that is only one block over from my house but my child will have to endure a 30 minute bus ride to get to her school. I don't care about the time spent, I care about her education. Lots of people have said that private education is the way to go but as a single parent, I don't have that option unless it comes free. Why aren't others outraged at the elementary school redistricting? This is the foundation of future learning and we are screwing around with it!! Let's talk about that New Hanover County!!


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